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Terms of Service

Terms of Service For Free Hosting.


Terms of Service For Free Hosting

All users and users of IHWEB.IR Services are obliged to observe the terms and conditions set forth on this page, both real and legal. The philosophy of the existence of such an agreement is to ensure that customers, while using the services of IHWEB.IR, also observe the rights of other users and create conditions where the service of this site is disturbing to others. IHWEB.IR reserves the right to add, remove, or modify any of these provisions at any time without prior notice, and may do so by submitting corrections to the original site or official announcement of the modified terms. To give.


Copyright Compliance:
The services provided by IHWEB.IR sites are for the sole purpose of launching the site with content and fully incorporating copyright laws. Therefore, it is necessary to observe all copyright and publishing rights in Iran, whether for domestic or foreign affairs.

Sending a large amount of unnecessary or commercial emails over the Internet (spam messages) regardless of whether this action fills the server capacity or interferes with the service of users of IHWEB.IR, it is forbidden. Any distribution or sale of software that is used to send spam is also prohibited on sites located on the servers of this site. The infringing site of this clause will be immediately blocked. IHWEB.IR reserves the right to make a decision to the detriment of its breach of this paragraph.

Executive Programs:
Any kind of program that creates a potential security risk or which appears to affect the performance of the server or the network's health is inaccurate, or will be automatically removed without prior notice. IHWEB.IR is not authorized to host web applications that are hosted on sites hosted by this company, or any program that is likely to be used for malicious purposes.

Illegal use:
Web servers and web hosting services should only be used for legitimate purposes. Submission, storage, or distribution of any kind of information, data or material that is in contravention of the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and international law, or which directly facilitates the detection of any violation of any law.

Viruses and other destructive activities:
Use of IHWEB.IR Services or Services The Web is forbidden to create or send viruses, worms, or Trojan horses. In addition, any attempt to create hacking attacks is prohibited.

User Responsibility:
Internet users are responsible for their activities on the Internet and they are asked to consider the rights of other Iranian users to respect the web. The Web Hosting IHWEB.IR reserves the right to suspend or terminate services provided to users of IHWEB.IR Services in a way that has a detrimental effect on its other users.

Actions taken in case of non-compliance with the terms of service:
A user's violation of the provisions of this agreement is the basis for closing his service. IHWEB.IR is the only reference point for judging what is contrary to this agreement. When IHWEB.IR is aware of the violation of this agreement, IHWEB.IR will conduct a preliminary investigation. In the course of this survey, IHWEB.IR Services limits the possibility of user access to prevent unauthorized activities. Depending on the significance of the violation, IHWEB.IR Services, based on its own discretion, can restrict, suspend, or terminate a user's web hosting service. If the offense is a criminal offense, IHWEB.IR will deal with such violations in the web site of the Anti-Corruption Department and other law enforcement officials.

Apply changes to services:
IHWEB.IR has the right to know that it has the right to change, upgrade, remove or install software and hardware at any time. IHWEB.IR is the web that can announce these changes to its customers, if necessary.

Backing up information:
Users of IHWEB.IR Hosting are solely responsible for managing and backing up all their information and IHWEB.IR does not accept the responsibility of the Web site.

IHWEB.IR intellectual property right Web:
Users can not copy, reproduce, reprint, or otherwise use any or all of the texts on the Web site of IHWEB.IR sites without the express written consent of IHWEB.IR, and you can not use the trademark, Signs and, more generally, anything else that its intellectual property rights have been registered for this site, will use the Web without written permission from IHWEB.IR.

Force Majeure cases:
IHWEB.IR has no liability whatsoever for any failure to comply with its obligations arising out of major force issues, including: natural disasters, war, insurrection, general disturbances, general accidents, earthquakes, strikes, fires, floods, explosions Labor shortages, crashes, detentions, government restrictions, and international sanctions. In addition, IHWEB.IR is not responsible for any indirect and incidental damages, such as loss of information, etc., and you are responsible for registering in IHWEB.IR on the Web or the order of the service that you claim that there is a claim in this regard Do not have But under such conditions, IHWEB.IR is seizing its full potential to minimize the effects of each major force case and lighten it.

IHWEB.IR WebSite is one of the representatives of ByetHost UK in Iran. Web Services provided by ByetHost is managed by all of the services provided on the website of IHWEB.IR, and the cost of the server and other items is also provided by ByetHost, and IHWEB.IR has the only limited access to these services and the only intermediary between you and ByetHost. IHWEB.IR WebSite is an Iranian site governed by the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And all users, the web is bound to comply fully with its rules. IHWEB.IR is not responsible for the content of the sites created by the users.

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