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FAQ about free hosting

What is hosting?
Host (host) means host in the term, but in the context of the site and the Internet, generally refers to the space allocated to the website, the host name is called all files, photos and ... a website on It is hosted to be accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world via the Internet. This space is exactly like the space on your computer's hard drive, with the difference that space is located on the server's hard disks and the files hosted by the site owner are available from around the world (it's possible to encrypt it) There is also a). For management, a control panel is available to the site owner. This control panel has an Internet address, with a unique username and password to enter it.

What is the site?
The website is a set of files containing text, images, or graphics, and ... connected to each other, which often consists of a home page - Home Page - that are located on an Internet Service Provider (Server) and as a set Information is provided by a person, group or organization, and the public can access it via the Internet. For example, the page you're currently reading is one of the web pages on IHWEB.IR. IHWEB.IR Website is a web site. This set of files is known as HTML or Hyper Text Mark Up Language. Every visitor to the website accesses the home page by entering the website's domain name (Domain Name) in the Web Browser and is directed to other web pages on this page. You need both a domain and a hosting space to own a website. A website can often be owned by an organization, company, person or .... Designing sites to reach online markets and attract viewers to the website, encourage them to buy products and services, and motivate them to come back. Of course, it should be noted that websites are not designed purely for commercial and economic purposes, but are also very useful for a variety of aspects, including information, entertainment, education, etc.


What is server?
Like a home computer, the dedicated server is also a computer, but with special software and hardware features! This computer should always be on and connected to the Internet so that the sites on which it is located are available 24 hours a day. The server is maintained in the data center (data center). Because of the high cost of maintaining and renting a server every month, ordinary people are not able to lease the server, and in return, they pay a lot of web hosting and corporate hosting services at a lower cost. The server must be managed and configured by the expert group so that the sites on the server do not potentially damage the security and quality of the server.

What is bandwidth?
The bandwidth (monthly traffic of the site) is actually the amount of information that can be exchanged by your site during the month. Example: Suppose you have a 1MB file on your site and your site's monthly bandwidth is 20 gigabytes (20,000 MB); in this case, this 1MB file can be downloaded by people on the Internet for 20,000 times over a period of one month. Or, suppose your site's home page size is 100 kilobytes, so every time a visitor logs in to your site, 100 kilobytes will be deducted from your bandwidth. The things that consume bandwidth: visit the site, download from the site or upload files to the site, upload or download with ftp, information exchanged with email, reset bandwidth: bandwidth (monthly traffic) hosts the first day Monday resets. (The amount used is zero)

What is linux?
Linux (Linux) is an operating system like Windows that uses the Linux kernel and is the most famous example of free and open source software. Linux does not require Linux installation. Because of the persistence and flexibility of Linux, the OS is a bountiful presence as an operating system for server computers. According to statistics in 2008, of the 10 most reputable hosting companies in the world, five companies use Linux operating systems on their servers. Linux distributions are widely used as platforms in supercomputers: since November 2010, out of the top 500 systems, 459 (91.8%) cases are running Linux distributions. Linux was also introduced in 2011 as the operating system for the world's most powerful cloud computing platform (Sequoia).

I forget the password for the Cpanel. what do I do?
If you encounter a problem with your password, visit the password recovery link and enter your username and email and wait for a new password to be registered on the registered email. Note that by changing the password, this change affects access to Cpanel, FTP, MYSQL, and the password changes for all three.

Is Free Hosting Services Provided Permanently?
IHWEB.IR WebSite is a member of the byte hosting company, and as long as the company provides its Web presence to IHWEB.IR, free hosting services are provided on a permanent basis.

Is the space consumed by the database part of the host space?
no. The database space is unlimited and is not considered as host space

What is the size of uploading a file from a free script in a free host?
The file upload size of the script in all planes is 10 megabytes

Advertise on my site?
no. The Web is currently under no circumstances advertised on its users site. But in the event of imposing heavy costs and maintaining the quality and serviceability of the service, it is possible in the future and this right is reserved for itself.

Is it possible to transfer my site information from another hosting company to your hosting company?
Yes. If you use the cPanel control panel, you need to provide the overall content of your site, including the database and the backup file manager, and import it into the new panel. The web site has no responsibility to transfer the account.

What is a free server operating system?
The operating system is "Linux" and the Apache web server.

FAQ about domain

What is the second (domain)?
To own a site you must have a domain (domain). The second (domain) is actually the name of your site. For example ihweb.ir is the second one. Before you select and register a domain, you must be sure that it is free! This means that a domain can be registered, which has not already been registered by someone else.

How to create a new site?
To register a new site, you must register, please see here.

Can I have more than one subdomain?
Can I have more than one subdomain? Yes, all programs and services allow you to have more than one subdomain for easy expansion. Also, with free hosting, you can also choose which domain you want as part of your subdomain.

What is the DNS address of the free host plan?
ns1.ihweb.ir ns2.ihweb.ir

How long does it take to change domain DNS?
DNS changes take from 1 to 72 hours. This time depends on your Internet service provider. Some servers update dns more quickly and some longer with longer interruptions. If you do not open your domain domain after changing your site's dns, or if the same host is already open or any new dns have not been applied yet, wait if you still can not resolve this problem with your hosting support get.

Where is my domain control panel?
The control panel for the IR domains of the IRN site. The username and password of the registration date on this site have been sent to your email. If you have forgotten your username or e-mail, log in to your domain, which will show you information

What are the letters allowed to register the domain?
Domain registration has its own rules. Use of any character (s) for domain registration is not allowed. For example, you can not have any special characters like '+. , | ! "£ $% & / () =? ^ * Ç ° §;: _>] [@); Use for domain registration. This is a rule. Domain registration time can only be from the English alphabet (a to z) , Numbers (0 to 9) and the dash (-) sign. The sign should not be the first or last name of the domain. For example, ihweb-.ir is wrong but ih-web.ir is correct. The mark should not be twice (or more) It's true that ih--web.ir is incorrect, but ih-web.ir is correct. I-hweb.ir is also true. The domain name should be between 3 and 63 characters (this range may be for some extensions). There are different domains, for example, 1 or 2 characters. The number of characters in ws domains must be at least 4 characters.)

Sableamine - What is the subdomain?
Sableamine or subdomain is a subset of the main domain. For example example.ihweb.ir is a subdomain (subdomain). Use the Subdomains section to create sembedin in the Cpanel (Linux Control Panel)

Is there a possibility to connect to a private domain in IHWEB.IR?
Yes, you can start the site with a personal domain and with the web domains of IHWEB.IR. If you register an independent domain on a website, firstly, the DNS server of the IHWEB.IR-Service server will register the web on the Domain Control Panel.

Why do not I need to register tk free domains?
The free domains tk are registered for a limited time for the public and will be released after some time and cause problems for users. Web Hosting IHWEB.IR is not responsible for the registration of these domains.

I can only use two server names but five free hosting, what should I do?
Just use ns1.ihweb.ir and ns2.ihweb.ir, the rest will be used to add if needed.

FAQ about PHP

What is PHP?
The PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) term is one of the most popular free and open source scripting languages ​​that is most commonly used to design server-side applications on dynamic (dynamic) websites. The PHP was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf, and during this time the programming language was completed by other experts and programmers in the current form. Use Linux to use PHP on web hosts on the Web.

What is mysql?
MayaSkill is a database management system (database) that provides storage, retrieval, sorting and data retrieval. The MySQL server allows multiple users to use data simultaneously and accelerates the access of authentic data to the data. This database management system is considered to be the most common open source database.

What is cPanel?
Cpanel (cPanel) is a web hosting control panel for Linux hosts designed to create user-friendly tools and tools to make working with the web hosting environment easier.

php_value safe_mode Which functions have been disabled?
In all services, server-level functions (such as exec) are disabled, but this may happen as new versions of PHP. To find the latest functions disabled please refer to PHP information by uploading a page with the following content:

Are ionCube, GD, Imagemagick, Zend supported?
Yes, all services support ionCube, GD, Zend. Unfortunately, we do not support this particular Imagemagick library at this time because of the coding issues of this library and module.

Do you restrict the use of PHP memory?
All web hosts have memory restrictions, we can use as generous free hosting, up to 24M of memory, in the C-Panel service of 32M ~ 128M if needed.

Is php email active?
Yes, you may use the PHP () mail function in all our services, however, we recommend using SMTP-based settings for third-party scripts and servers to help your recipients to receive And send your message.

FAQs about downloading and uploading

Which file types are supported?
We support all types of files in all services, with the exception of free hosting that does not support executable and multimedia files and file types for malicious use.

Supports Frontpage Extensions?
We currently support FrontPage Extensions support in cPanel services, but it's worth mentioning that in the future we are likely to have these extensions due to the lack of active development and the switch to FTP support, mainly by Microsoft in its editing strategies. We do not support the web.

How to CHMOD files?
CHMOD or CHange MODe is a way to change permissions in files or directories. For how to do this, please refer to the relevant service section for detailed information because there are several ways to do this.

Can I use internal FTP support from Internet Explorer or Windows?
Yes, however, this is generally not recommended as the customers who support do not provide a transparent look for the sessions and therefore can not help resolve connection issues or other FTP issues. If possible, please use a dedicated FTP server to transfer your files, such as Filezilla

Can I use WebFTP?
Yes, you may use a service like net2FTP in connection with your FTP accounts.

How to set file and folder permissions?
Using CHMOD, please refer to the above question, How to upload the CHMOD file? Which FTP server recommends you? We prefer and use Filezilla as a free and open source, and we prefer to run on different operating systems, however, you are free to use any related software that you prefer.

Can I use custom.htaccess and mod_rewrite files?
Yes, you have the ability to use both .htaccess and mod_rewrite.

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