Frequently Asked Questions about our services
IHWEB.IR is the web hosting company, and as long as the company provides its BYETHOST to Iran, free hosting services are provided on a permanent basis.
If you encounter a problem with your password, visit the password recovery link and enter your username and email and wait for a new password to be registered on the email. Note that by changing the password, this change affects access to Cpanel, ftp, MYSQL, and the password changes all three.
no. The database space is unlimited and is not considered as host space
The file upload size of the free script is 10 MB. But if archived files are used, its limitation will be reduced
no. IHWEB.IR is currently under no circumstances advertised on its users site. but in The imposition of heavy costs and the quality and durability of the service may make it possible in the future, and this right is reserved for itself.
Yes. If you use the cPanel control panel, you must have the overall content of your site Database and backup file manager and import into the new panel. The web site has no responsibility to transfer the account.
The operating system is "Linux" and the Apache web server.
To register a new site, you must register, please see here .
Yes, all applications and services allow you to have more than one subdomain for easy expansion you have. Also, with free hosting, you can also choose which domain you want as part of your subdomain.
DNS changes take from 1 to 72 hours. This time depends on your Internet service provider. Some servers update dns more quickly and some longer. If you do not open your site domain name after changing your domain DNS, or the same host will open either to any one The form of new dns has not been implemented yet. Wait. If after this time your problem still has not been resolved, contact your support servers.
The control panel of the IR domains of the IRNIC site. Username (id) and password Registration time on this site, Your email has been sent. If you have forgotten your username or e-mail, please use the Whois domain to show you information
Domain registration has its own rules. Use of any character (s) for domain registration is not allowed. For example you You can not use any of the special characters like '+. , | ! "£$% & / () =? ^ * Ç ° §;: _>] [@]; Use for domain registration. This is a rule. Domain Registration Time You can only use the letters Use the English alphabet (a to z), numbers (0 to 9) and the dash (-). The mark should not be the first or last name of the domain, for example ihweb-.ir is wrong, but ih-web.ir is correct. The mark - Should not be twice (Or more) in one place. For example ih--web.ir is wrong but ih-web.ir is correct. i-hweb.ir is correct. The domain name should be between 3 and 63 characters (this range is possible for some extensions It is different, for example, there are 1 or 2-letter domains. The number of character ws domains must be at least 4 characters.)
Yes, and you can start the site with a personal domain and with the sub web domains of Iran. the SOO Registering an Independent Domain Registration on a Website First, you must register the web server on the Domain Control Panel.
The free domains tk are registered for a limited time for the public and are unavailable after some time And will cause problems for users. IHWEB.IR HOSTING is not responsible for the registration of these domains.
In all services, server-level functions (such as exec) are disabled, but this may be as a version New php happen. To find the latest functions disabled please refer to PHP information by uploading a page with the following content
Yes, all services support ionCube, GD, Zend. Unfortunately we are using the Imagemagick library Specific at this time is not supported due to the coding issues of this library and module.
All web hosts have memory restrictions, we can be very free hosting Generously, up to 24M of memory, in the C-panel service of 32M ~ 128M, if needed.
Yes, you may use the PHP () mail function in all our services, however, we We recommend using SMTP-based settings for third-party scripts and servers to help your recipients receive and send your message.
We support all file types in all services except for free hosting of files Executive and multimedia keys and all types of archive files do not support abuse.
We currently support FrontPage Extensions support in cPanel services, but necessary In the future, we are likely to not support these plug-ins because of the lack of active development and the switch to FTP support, mainly by Microsoft in its Web site editing solutions.
CHMOD or CHange MODe is a way to change permissions in files or directories, how to do this To do this, please refer to the relevant service section for detailed information because there are several ways to do this.
Yes, however, this is generally not recommended because the customers who support it have a transparent look Do not attend sessions and therefore can not help resolve connection issues or other FTP issues. If possible, please use a dedicated FTP server to transfer files like Filezilla do.
Yes, you may use a service such as net2FTP in connection with your FTP accounts.
We prefer and use Filezilla as a free and open source, and prefer and on the system. We run different factors, however, you are free to use any related software that you prefer.
Yes, you have the ability to use both .htaccess and mod_rewrite.

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You can post a message through our contact form or via live chat to answer your questions. We are ready to support and resolve your problems in our free unlimited free hosting area 24 hours a day.
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If you see a website that is in violation of the Terms of Service, you can report it to us. We will investigate the issue with the offending accounts after verifying that.
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If your hosting is out of reach or unknown for unknown reasons, contact support to resolve this issue.

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